Moldavite Pendant


Polished clear quartz point with Moldavite, sterling silver pendant.

Andrew Carter says this about them: These pendants are highly charged. Quartz activates the transformational properties of Moldavite. Worn over the thymus,  which is the seat of the soul, increases awareness into the higher worlds of consciousness, potentially the stellar realms. Place the middle finger onto the Moldavite to clear the lower vibration, lifting your mind above the negativity of material life. Moldavite came into creation through impact, and the substance of the earth was transformed into a most beautiful representation of  Divine Love. It will transform all the impacts of life, lifting you into a higher state of joy. It is of the earth, but has transformed from the earth into something of a cosmic nature. If you are drawn towards Moldavite, it is the right time to work with it to undergo the transformational process.



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Dimensions 4.5 cm