Citrine Tumble Quality “Super Extra”


“Super Extra” quality Citrine Tumble stone. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance. This type of Citrine comes from Amethyst which has been heated. Average 5-10 grams 2-2.5 cms

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Citrine Tumble stone Quality “Super Extra” . Citrine is known as being the stone of abundance. Citrine comes in various grades, determined predominantly by colour, ranging from very pale cream/yellow to rich orangey brown. We tend to buy quality 1, Quality Extra, or Super Extra which these are.  I always think of it as a “happy” stone, just the colour makes you smile! These are quality 1.

This type of Citrine comes from Amethyst which has been heated, and this is probably one of the most talked about contraversies in the crystal world (which i won’t go into here).  You can get “natural Citrine”, which is a different colour and different shape in its natural state, it is easy to tell the difference especially when in its unpolished state. In my opinion, both have different qualities, and in reality, it is not much different to putting food in the oven, it is the application of heat to bring about a transformation. For that reason I think the heated Citrine works wonders on mood, as mentioned before, simply looking at it makes me smile. We stock both types of Citrine and “natural” citrine will be listed as that on the website.

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