Indulge your self beyond your dreams as you enter the world of Crystals and experience their vibrancy, clarity and beauty. A trip to the Crystal Barn is a whole experience & well worth the journey!


We have a HUGE selection of crystals and specialise in Amethyst, Quartz, Larger Room pieces plus the rare and unusual:

Clusters, Columbian Quartz also known as “Blades of Light”, Lemurian Quartz, Herkimar Diamonds, Rutile Quartz. Polished and natural quartz. Clusters from: Madagascar, Brazil and the Orange River Quartz.

Geodes & Quartzes.

We also have a vast selection of geodes including Polished back Amethyst Geodes and AA grade deep dark Uruguayan Amethyst.

A huge selection of absolutely gorgeous, vibrant Aura Quartzes and over 300 tumble stones.